Wushu in Seattle


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May 6, 2006
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Seattle, Washington
I already own a studio here in Seattle (offering Kajukenbo, Taiji, & Eskrima), but my Wushu teacher has decided not to teach Wushu anymore (for the time being at least), and has asked me to continue the classes. Being a certified instructor under her, of course I said YES, and I'm opening "Seattle Wushu Center"!

My website is still under construction and is in rough format.....

We will be offering Wushu and Taijiquan. This Wushu class will be considered a "school within a school", as I would like to keep "seattle wushu center" and "Yin Yang Arts Center" as separate entities. With the support of my business partner, my teaching load for Kajukenbo classes will be lightened up alot to allow me to concentrate on Wushu also.

Up until now, I taught Wushu privately to a few current interested students. But just last month, I though to myself, "It would great to have the time to teach a separate Wushu class".....then BLAM....my teacher called the next day (No kidding!!). Wierd!

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