Wing Tsun or Wing Tsjun?


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Oct 20, 2007
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Phoenix, AZ
Latest word on Wingtsun or WT spelling: Apparently some unaffiliated WC folks got into trouble with Leung Ting for using this spelling. The rumor is that their lawyer told them that it was not protected by copyright and they had the legal right to use it, but they would have to go to court and spend some big bucks to defend this right if sued. So unless you are with Leung Ting, I'd avoid using that spelling... it's really not worth the hassle!

As for myself, I see us all as extended family anyway, however you spell it. What counts is how you do it!


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Sep 26, 2009
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i just copywrited the term "WF" or "Wing Fun"!

i'm j/k, lots of good advice from everyone, here's my advice, and what i do whenever i go to visit a martial arts school. i always make sure to focus on the students that have been there the longest, why? because the students are a reflection of the instructor and will pick up many of his "traits". some instructors are very good at showing and demonstrating, but can he "teach", you will see by the quality of the students that have been there the longest.

most importantly, have Wing Fun!


Poor Uke

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Sep 25, 2009
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I understand that you probably get so many questions about this, but I asked this mainly because of the thought that there are *huge* difference between the two Schools (why else should they split up in my opinion). But now that I know the answer, I don't care and will be checking them out, knowing that the difference isn't that big.


Hi Thapir The differences are mainly down to who gets the money! There isnt really 'huge' difference between various Ip Man lineages it more of a sales ploy IMO.

I do Judo as well as _ing _un good combo. Did you say you were looking for a weapons based art? If so check out some Fillipino Martial Arts in your area.

Good luck.


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Aug 10, 2009
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Hey, I just noticed this post where you say you train at jodo.

I think that brings the total people training in it here, up to two or three!!

Seitei jo or koryu jo?

Greetings fellow Jodoka!

I am a follower of the Seitei-jo, even though we get to see some Koryu every now and than to spice up the classes! I actually went to check out both Kendo & Iaido, but found Jodo to be more interesting for me. As I it had the perfect balance, of having the "kendo-fight" with the artistic part of Iaido. Nowadays I wish that I could spar though, but maybe I'll pick up Kendo later on! :)

This thread is a bit old by now, and I've checked 2 WT schools already and one Silat school. None of them am I a member of now though. Where one WT-instructor was nice, I wasn't so keen on his PR-talk when it came down to the price. And the 2nd one, was quite frankly not nice at all. Silat was an awesome experience, but somehow I found it a bit too much all at once for me at that point.

So I went to check out Wudang Taichi Chuan (Dan Docherty's), and I found it to give (once again) a perfect balance between the artistic calm part (training the Form), and the "fighting part" as I aswell do self-defence + pushing hands. Pushing hands, which I love so much..since it feels almost like Wing Tsun aswell.. I'm still a bit sad, that there isn't the perfect Wing Tsun/Chun school near me, since the style keeps me spellbounded like no other MA. But here in Belgium, it's hard to find any other school outside the WT-class.

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