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  • yeah, i know what you mean. it would be in every wing chunner's benefit to supplement their training with any type of grappling art. only then would they understand from our perspective. keep up the good work as well! - Jin
    I just had to stop by and say thank you, thank you for all the posts you did on my thread "Grappling Vs. Wing Tsun".

    I've wrestled for 20 years and done WT for 10. And what really cooks my turkey is these WT fellers, thinking that they have the answer to everything when they don't... I actually just lit someone up on my thread for unloading a gigantic load of BS on my thread, and actually in the thread, you lit him up as well, albeit with a great amount of more respect and tact than I did :).

    I just want you to know, that you are awesome and if your ever in Washington State, I would absolutely love for you to stop by. I want to pick your brain SOOOOO bad!

    All the best, and good luck in your training!
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