Why I started in MA


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Apr 30, 2007
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When I was a little boy I was skinny very skinny and I was mom's boy too so I was the target of the kids on my block, my dad saw that and put me on judo classes at the age of 8. I did my yellow belt but droped judo I think I got bored.

In my country the national sport is football soccer, there are very few people here that does not love soccer and I am one of these few so my childhood was very quiet, however I grow up playing indians and cowboys, bad people vs cops and I was very fond about firearms, my dad is an avid hunter and I always loved the guns till today.

I liked the MA movies were the good guy beat the bad guys and always loved the MA so when I was 15 years old I began to look for a karate dojo and began studiying Tae Kwon Do. In those days this korean martial art was known as Korean Karate, I was hooked on TKD and MA in general and all that follow is history.

Today I wonder why I choose MA as a sport and way of living and I think I am a very responsable person who likes guns and martiality and I love MA cuase it gaves me a sense of control, the MA has given me self control and a a way of how to deal with life, profesionally, in family and in bussiness.

I think there is a warrion inside me since a kid.


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