Whatever happened to............



A ferocious tourny fighter in the 70's, went by the name of "Monster Man" Eddy.

This guy was BIG, came out of Detoit, I believe. A fantastic fighter(Korean stylist). He later was knocked out at least twice, and retreated into boxing a bit, to sharpen his skills. He wasn't successful. The last time I saw him he was fighting full contact (PKA), and was knocked out in the 1st round by Scott Ross, and it was ugly, and quick.

Any help out there?
The last time I saw him was about 1978 or so (maybe) when he fought in St. Louis at the so-called "Full-Contact Nationals." We called it the "Streetfighting Nationals" because the fighting was so horribly sloppy.
Eddy fought Joe Lewis who has quite an ego (you'll recall) and beat him to a pulp. Eddy could move FAST for such a big man!
Since then, he seems to have vanished.:confused:

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