What is the typical 'Agro' situation in your locality?


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May 24, 2002
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London UK
In the multiple opponent thread I asked what was the typical situations that violent encounters took in different locations.

Is there any typical or most common type of violence that you know of in your area?

Mostly where I come from (South London) I have experienced or seen numerous muggings, with or without knives present, mostly young males on young males, the next step on from schoolyard bullying. I've seen snatch and runs from trains many times, and I've ran into people involved in burglaries.

This might have something to do with the fact I don't drive.

Every now and then I've been involved in breaking up fist-fights in pubs (I worked as a barman for a while) and I once broke up a fight in a mini riot (bricks being thrown at a MacDonalds during a demonstration). That was a lot more rare.

A couple of times I've had personal one on one trouble, but I guess that is the same everywhere, and all those conflicts got resolved sensibly. Then again in different parts of the world I guess people take these things more seriously.
Where I live (in a very small town in Indiana USA) the biggest crime is JAYWALKING.

Maybe, someone will stay out past the town curfew. Once or twice someone shoplifted from a little dug store.

I still train in the martial arts for several reasons. The biggest reason is that I wish to better myself.
Jeremy Bays
Stockholm, Sweden:

Muggings, often with knife
Bar brawling, most of the time without weapons (in the other cases - knives)
Some youth gang assaults on innocents but that's unusual
Northern Delaware (Wilmington, New Castle, Newark):

Despite having a relatively low population, we have an outrageous crime rate. The most common assault crimes are:

1) Sexual assault
2) Muggings (2+ attackers) at gun point (less commonly, knives)
3) Random shootings (usually drug related)
4) Home invasion (again, usually drug related) with weapons
5) In Newark (a college town), lots of alcohol-related fights and muggings (usually with a weapon)

The violent crime rate in my neighborhood has sky-rocketed since the American economy went in the toilet, so I'll be moving before too long to a "safer" neighborhood.

Tad Finnegan
I live near a collage town, near enought that my girl commutes into town for classes. Here we often have occasions where several (3 or more) drunken collage guys (with no honnor) with something to prove will jump a lone walker and attempt to deliver a beating then run off. This has happened to several people I know though not yet to me (poping my knuckles and grining evily in anticipation).

Despair Bear
San Jose, CA

1) Gang Violence (We have every gang known to man-king ...crips, bloods, nortenos, sorenos, BGF, Vietnamese Mafia, varios Filipino gangs, a few Samoan gangs, som un-affiliated neighborhood gangs, skin-heads ....blah blah blah blah)

2) Home invasions (mainly done by the Vietnamese mafia)

3) Street fights are pretty common ..both w/ and w/out weapons

4) Shootings from time-to-time.
I live in a quickly growing community in B.C., Canada. Apart from the usual bar fights that I'm sure happen anywhere in the world that there's a bar ;) , it seems that the most popular violent crime around here lately is mugging.
There are always a few murders every year, but there has definately been an increase in muggings using knifes or hypodermic needles. Did I mention that my community is among the leaders in herion addicts per capita in the Country?? Now there is something to be proud about :mad: :soapbox:

Lets see here in Baltimore we have a smorgasbord of criminal activity.

We have a very profitable drug trade where 18 yr old thugs and herion rule the streets. We have murder, rape, car jackings, gang beatings, gangland assasinations, arson, muggings, home invasions, kid nappings and the list goes on and on. 99% of the crime in Baltimore is drug related.

To top things off, we have a worthless criminal justice system here in Maryland. We have violent felons walking the streets because of liberal idiots running the state who refuse to enforce the law. Self defense has been pretty much outlawed here in The People's Republic of Maryland. People here have been charged with a crime, just because they didn't retreat in the face of a violent attack.:soapbox:
washington state, I'm not realy sure statisticly, I think the most common ciolant crime would be armed roberies of convenience stores, parts of seattle and tacoma have had some gang problems but I genneraly don't go to those parts at night and every thing seems to be ok(ish) in the day. Actualy I have never had a problem in seattle (no matter when or where I was)
here in Drayton Valley alberta. I dont actualy live in town just a few miles out. But around here we maybe have 1 murder like every 3 years. Dont here about many bar fights, lots of petty theft mostly by hte kids in the local 7-11(best freind got caught and i laugehd at him(i dont steal by the way(one bag of chips:rolleyes: ))).

And our town(7,000residents) is probably in the top 5 towns(under 10,000 people.) of hte province for having the most meth and dope and drugs all over the place.
In my area there is unfortunately, mostly; (USA)
1. Murder by gun (drug or gang related)
2. Murder by dismemberment
3. Stabbings
4. Robbery (gun & knife)
5. Arson
6. B & E
Sincerely, In Humility;

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