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Jul 2, 2006
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Section 2.14 has been modified to address username changes.

Previously, we have limited username changes in order to assure that members maintain a consistent "identity" on the site, and this meant that requests were time consuming. With changes in the software, name change requests are easier to make and the process to change the name is less complicated. In order to add consistency, we have modified the username policy as shown below, in red and italics.

We continue to discourage username changes as we feel that maintaining a consistent identity on the site allows users to develop and maintain a reputation and build a bank of credibility.

2.14 Use of Handles, Aliases and Pseudonyms

MartialTalk allows its members to post under an alias, or handle, rather than their own name.

Use of a handle is optional, and doing so is not a guarantee of true anonymity as many factors can be involved to out your true identity.

Any handle must conform to acceptable board content policies and may not be offensive, insulting, and profane or otherwise unwelcome.

Your username, regardless if it is an alias or your own name, is not private.

Requests for changes to usernames or handles will be reviewed on an individual basis. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, usernames may not be changed more than once a calendar year. Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed by the Moderation Team on an individual basis.

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