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Aug 4, 2001
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MartialTalk will undergo software updates today (10-6-2002) to close various security holes. I expect us to be offline for 2-3 hours.

Update will start at about 1pm EST
Thank you.
Software is upgraded....now I start re-installing modifications.

Any errors, please post them in the support forum.

I think I got all the modifications back in.... anyone finds a hiccup, please email me and I'll see whats going on.

This update fixes a -ton- of security issues, bugs, and other hiccups... Now I just have to hope that tomorow they dont release a new version. :)
Thanks once again for providing the technical know-how and the free labor to keep this sight going.
I need a nap.... forum update went fast.... it was reinstalling all of the modifications that took forever... Think I got em all in now. Anything looks weird, let me know.

Also, added in a few new features...
-PM gauge - lets you know just how full your pm box is
-usergroup listing - lets everyone know which group you are in.

Also did a few minor cosmetic tweaks as I went... all-in-all... 7 hrs... wish I could bill me for this...heh :)

Somethings broken...cant quite nail it down...main page is gonna look weird until I do....probably a misplaced collumn width tag....
I'm trying to condence some of the info at the top, while making it more complete... still not happy with it, but its 'functional' again. Will give it another shot tomorow. :)

once again, anyone finding a bug, please post it to the support forum, or email me (if ya cant post it)

This isn't a bug or anything, but since you are doing some work on the board I thought I'd ask about it anyway. Is there some reason the Kempo forum got moved out of its alphabetical order position and above all the rest of the art/country specific forums? I thought maybe it was a sponsorship thing, but other forums have sponsor banners, too, and they haven't moved. It's not a big deal or anything, I'm just curious.
Was more for looks than anything else. When we split the kenpo section, we tried a couple of different layouts, and this seemed the most non-confusing. (at least to me.... heh)
It started near where it is, as a single forum like JKD, and I think it just ended up near where it started. There's no hidden message, and indeed alphabetical order would make more sense.

-MT Admin-
I like the looks of the new Home Page. The guage is a great idea.
also like the idea of knowing who's online as soon as iI log in
All in all I think you did a great job
:D :cool:


WOW.. I haven't been in here for a few days.. ok maybe like the whole week...:eek: (gasp i know.. im doing my push-ups right now... hehehehe)

The site it great..

Keep up the good work.. it really does show..