U.S. deploys Tomahwk missles to send message to China


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Mar 10, 2009
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Sapporo, Japan

If China's satellites and spies were working properly, there would have been a flood of unsettling intelligence flowing into the Beijing headquarters of the [COLOR=#366388! important][COLOR=#366388! important]Chinese [COLOR=#366388! important]navy[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] last week. A new class of U.S. superweapon had suddenly surfaced nearby. It was an Ohio-class submarine, which for decades carried only nuclear missiles targeted against the Soviet Union, and then Russia. But this one was different: for nearly three years, the U.S. Navy has been dispatching modified "boomers" to who knows where (they do travel underwater, after all). Four of the 18 ballistic-missile subs no longer carry nuclear-tipped Trident missiles. Instead, they hold up to 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles each, capable of hitting anything within 1,000 miles with non-nuclear warheads.

Can`t blame China for not spotting them right off the bat. IIRC, our own Navy Command usually doesn`t know exactly where our subs are. They just know that from Xday TO Xday they`re patroling in thier assigned area......which is about the size of Texas.That`s still a lot of room for a 560ft sub.