At a camp recently Mrs. Doreen Cogliandro told everybody the secret to good kenpo is triangles. Can anybody elaborate on this?
I can't speak to kenpo but triangular footwork is important in the FMA and structurally a triangle is a very stable shape. I'll be curious to hear the kenpo perspoective on this!
Well, the triangle is one of the strongest shapes known to man. The Eiffel tower is built from a series of triangles. In kenpo triangles are seen in many places, stances, elbows, grappling. I think more importantly than the shape itself are the angles, which are used when, executing certain moves, these create the triangles. Just look, youll see 'em.
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Kenpo_Cory beat me to it. His triangles must be superior to mine.

No, that just means I have more time on my hands than you do. Maybe i should go work on my triangles now. :D
I briefly studied with a gentleman who did a blend of JKD, Wing Chung, Tai Chi and Kenpo. Never got very far, however I do remember he did push a triangular motion to the footwork.
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Well, the triangle is one of the strongest shapes known to man.

As well as this Kenpo can be more effective if you use the triangles that naturally appear in your body as you perform self defense manouvres. That is when we push or punch, we should do so by expanding the triangles at the crook of the elbow. If we wish to pull our opponent in to us, we must contract that same triangle. Our kicks are an expansion of the triangle created at the crook of the knee.

Also to create stronger stances against an opponent we must create a triangle where our lead foot is the apex and their 2 feet are the base of it.

You can see examples of triangles in almost every Parker technique, but more specifically in techniques like thrusting wedge etc.

In fact the Encyclopedia of Kenpo describes a wedge as, "Triangularly shaped formation of body limbs which when employed can separate or force apart a two hand choke, grab, or push prior to countering."
Hope this helps

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