Train with your dog?

Dog racing, dog fighting, cock fighting, factory farming, and the like is a crime against ourselves and our relationship to one another. It’s almost too easy to dwhat does that have to do mwith training with your dog?
Yeah, I've trained with my pup before! It's such a blast, and it really strengthens the bond between you. Plus, they pick up on things surprisingly fast.


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Does anyone train with your dog? My 10 month old wants to involve himself in my training. I'm thinking of working him into my routine.
Does anyone do this? Does it help? I'm new at Karate and the dog is a pup so we can learn together. Am I nuts?
I know this is irrelevant but I’m actually a gold belt and it says I’m a white belt. If it’s possible, can u tell me
I know this is irrelevant but I’m actually a gold belt and it says I’m a white belt. If it’s possible, can u tell me
The "belt" listed under your name to the left is determined by how many messages you've posted and has nothing to do with your actual rank in any martial art. I, for example, am listed as a "Grandmaster" ....Ha! That's a joke! The only thing I'm a master in is mouthing off.

So, since you are brand new here you are listed as a "White Belt" more and you'll moved up quickly. Try posting over in "Meet and Greet". Introduce yourself, tell us where you're from, your style(s) and rank, etc. and, BTW what's a "Gold Belt"? Sounds expensive!
what's a "Gold Belt"? Sounds expensive!
When I was a kid I had a box of Crayolas with 48 colors, including gold. I was thrilled. Then I got a box with 64 colors, many of which I never heard of and had no idea how to put them to use. I concluded that's just too many colors.
Poachers in the UK used to teach '' to mean go away and vice versa so if caught they could deny it was their dogs when asked to call dog to them as they'd run off.
i think this fits under my last post, but there are ways to make your dog enjoy it. If you ignore your dog for an hour as you train, no breed will be happy with that. But if you break every 5-10 minutes (which is helpful anyway) and spend the break playong with your dog, most dogs will be more than happy to wait for playtime. Once they learn the routine.
Never thought of taking a break when I train for one hour, maybe I should. Thank you!
Had a dog when I was, several dogs during my life time, but anyway used to play with my dog so much with my foot eventually she learned how to untie my shoe(that meant she won) so I would tie it and go again, one time this guy decided to cut through our yard that was a mistake he started kicking at her that was also a mistake he never landed a kick on her she dodged it and bit him on the back of his leg he never came through our yard after that. Smartest dog I ever had!!

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