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How many of you let your kids watch wrestling or MA movies etc. I know a lot of kids in the UK (specially the younger ones) parents have banned that sort of stuff because of their kids getting hurt etc. But what about the rest of you? I remember when Power Rangers first came out everyone got really uptight about that stuff and seeing as Wrestling has become REALLY popular here in the UK parents have become REALLY protective over it all. Which leads to another it the right thing to Ban in completly? :confused:



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Jan 21, 2003
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Banning something like that only gives it more power. The answer to this is the same as it has always been... parental involvment in the lives of their kids. I have 5 kids and all but the youngest (2 1/2yrs) participate in MA with me. I think it is the biggest of cop outs that a parent should lay the blame of a kid getting injured, and on at least one instance here in the U.S. killed on the type of entertainment that they chose. The parents have a responsibility to teach their children what is real and what is not and to know the difference.:soapbox:



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Oct 27, 2002
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Sounds to me like parents being to busy to be parents.

I have 2 children, 1 studies kenpo and systema and my youngest studies the powerangers , Dragonball Z and everything like that.
They both understand the same things about cause and effects of violence because of what I have taught them. In the end I take the BLAME for the teachings that lead to their actions. Yes I wish one would spend her time in the arts instead of the TV, but I think setting the example, she will find her place soon. When it comes to teaching Right from Wrong thats still my job.

Respectfully Dan Brady.

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