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I have read from depictions of several CMA that they contain (or at least contained in the past) throwing weapons. For example, several arts, including WingChun used darts. But I've yet to find an instructor who knew anything about them, or a book that described their use. How is this in real life training halls, has any of you encountered actual practice of throwing darts or other throwing weapons? Seen any books?
Eons ago, I learned to throw what were called "nails" by my teacher. They were about six inches long, four or five sided, and tapered to a point on one end. They were very effective and I became quite good with them.
He also taught me to throw knives.....not using the standard type of knife which is designed for such purposes, but ANY knife that had enough weight to fly forcefully.
I have seen the "dart" but never learned to use them. Other throwing objects included steel balls (about 1/2 to one inch diameter), and coins with sharpened edges.
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I understand that Sayoc Kali practitioners also use throwing nails.

But that's a Filipino art. I'm specifically interested in Chinese arts' throwing methods. I remember reading about how the long Chinese darts were thrown with strong fa-jing-flick-of-the-wrist in WingChun some time ago, but have not heard of any WC school that teaches this.

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