The Speedman



I know there has been a few threads on John La Tourette but I havent found them yet. I just got a video of his from an auction I won off of ebay, It was some of his speed hitting stuff. I dont know, seems to me that he isnt really checking or doing any stance work. The only thing he says is dont stand in a bow stance because it is too rigid. But other than that there is a little on torquing but no other stance movement. So my question to you guys is, how does everyone feel about the "Speedman"? I wasnt to impressed. He looked like alot of other kenpo black belts after a few years of training just have the techniques down. Please let me hear your thoughts. I was offered to get his whole set of tapes, so if you think its worth it please post your response. I cant really find any info on him on the internet. So anything helps. thanx


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Apr 18, 2002
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At the risk of repeating a lot of things. John LaTourette trains a lot of good fighters, but he is an unadulterated ***. I have read a lot of his stuff. He tries to claim credit for EPAK and claims Ed Parker had nothing to teach him. Most of what I have read of his published works are absolute drivel. His statements about not using the bow stance shows a level of ignorance I find deplorable. In reality, the best thing you can do is draw your own conclusions.


does anyone have his tapes? I would buy them from you, I would like to add it to my library. If anyone does pleas pm me.