The Seattle cop killer incident: Who is to blame?


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Jul 9, 2008
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Covington, WA
I do...birds of a feather, flock together. Once a POS, always a POS. They should lock up anyone and everyone that took part in aiding this dirtbag.
According to the news today, 6 have been arrested and are in custody. Felony charges filed against two of them.


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Jan 13, 2007
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Upstate New York.
Unfortunately judges have immunity as for making bone headed decisions.

Now that does not mean people can't picket their homes, or stand outside the court house with signs calling the judges murders, or if the judges are elected, run against them or vote them out.

But, we make a judge immune for a reason. So that people can't put pressure on them to make corrupt decisions.

It's also difficult to punish the politician that appointed the idiot judges. We tend to vote for many reasons, not just one. And blaming the politician for such an appointment is low on the totem pole of priorities.

Our only real alternative is to take decisions out of the judges hands. That is mandatory guidelines for bail. BUT, that can also come back to bite ones posterior when excessive bail is used to punish a undesirable, or political opponent.

There is no real good fast answer. Yes I blame the judge more than anything except the criminal. So I guess picketing the judge (as Bill OReilly is kind of doing on Fox) is the most effective thing to do right now.


Not exactly. Judges in NY are not immune/

Many trial level judges in New York are elected and could be voted out. (That many are not is not "immunity" but a symptom of societal laziness and decline).

Judges' rulings are subject to appellate review.... questionable decisions can and are reversed.

Finally, judges are subject to a Commission's review, and they have been removed. A case in point is the former Judge Lorin Duckman. He let a violent nut out on bail, who proceeded to find the woman complainant and shoot her dead. He was subjected to a typhoon of criticism in the NYC papers. This brought to light a string of questionable actions and misconduct on the judge's part.... he was investigated and removal was recommended in a split decision (scathing dissents), and said removal was upheld by the Court of Appeals.

On the other hand, private actions taken against a judge in their home may cross the line and subject one to arrest. Harassment, criminal trespass, threats come to mind. These actions also traumatize the family, and I'm sorry, if you're terrorizing kids for what dad decided at work you are dead wrong.

Now the ones who do have immunity are the notorious parole board members, appointed political hacks who can undo the work of judges and prosecutors. They have done more damage to America than al-Qaeda. They need to be made accountable through election. We also need determinate sentencing and "without possibility of parole".