The search for the ultimate martial art is over

Have you seen the short about the self-defence against fruit class? I think it's in the "And Now for Something Completely Different" collection.

"Today we will learn how to defend from an attacker with...a banana!"
Yes, I've seen that. I think it's a bit longer in the Flying Circus episode it appeared in. I taped them from a PBS station that was showing them a few years ago. I think I got them all, but had bad sound on one show and accidentally taped over the beginning bit of another (I had been watching it earlier that day and forgot to change the tape for a timer recording I had set). Monty Python is cool. :)
Did you ever see the Jim Carey skit from In living Color where he is a MA instructor.He hands a knife to a novice and tells him to attack, the guy stabs him straight in the gut!Jim gets up-blood spurtting out all over the place and says "Like most beginers you have attacked me wrong".He then demonstrates the "correct" knife attacking tech. - a robotic downward stabbing motion, looking just like John Clesse doing the nazi goose step.:D