The Martial art convention!!!!!



Just wanted to know if anyone ever had a Martial art convention.
Or if there is one.
I have been to other conventions and they where a blast,
I wanted to know if there is one, That would be so great people showing styles trading weapons, Sparring would be so GREAT!!!!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
sparring.. sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.
Nampa has one in Florida each year. This is usually their National convention. They usually have it sometime in June or July, when schools tend to slow down for the summer. At these conventions people and business display new products and you can also order and buy products. There are alot of different seminars that they put on. I don't think they let you spar as in free sparring. Tuff man comes to mind when you mean sparring. Most of the seminars are different types of martial arts and work outs. Some even cover how to run your business, from answering the phone, how to make a sale to managing your business. I also think they have a East Coast and West Coast convention for people who can't make it to Florida.

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