Thanks to Tim Hartman.


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Aug 28, 2001
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Terre Haute, IN
I want to thank Mr. Hartman for giving me a week of his time this past week. We spent about 12 hours each day at his school every day, including his scheduled classes, during which time he gave me material I did not have and needed. This was a huge block of his time and I very much appreciated it. Mr. Hartman and I also looked at some administrative and curricular issues for the WMAA, and--a big thrill--he took me to see Ted Buot during his Balintawak training session, which was fascinating and enlightening.

I also want to thank his instructors Mr. Rogers, Mr. O'Grady, Dr. Cunningham, and Mr. Luciano, who also worked with me during the week.

A big Thank You to Ms. Stranc for her generous hospitality and for allowing me to have so much of Mr. Hartman's time! I was made to feel very welcome.

(To Thor and Loki: Sorry, I was lying--I don't love the dogs.)
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I want to thank . . .
Thor and Loki: . . .

Thor, Loki Sic HIM! ;)

How could you not love those little puppy dogs? :D

BTW the above quote was chopped on purpose. :rofl:

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Thor, Loki Sic HIM! ;)

How could you not love those little puppy dogs?

Heh...I lied to them all week, telling them that of course I loved the dogs.

What a pair of puppies--they think they're lap dogs!
There were 3 schools represented at this camp. We got to work basic to advance material and clear up a bunch of questions.

There also fed me well. I think I gained 5 pounds.