Tendou's 2003 Bad Boy Tourn. / GM Tatum Seminar



Greetings to all my Kenpo brothers and sisters,
We at Tendou Martial Arts Academy would like to extend an invitation to all to attend the 2003 Bad Boy Karate Tournament. Featuring seminar with Grand Master Larry Tatum. If you missed last years tournament this is another chance to meet and learn in depth knowledge of Kenpo as only the Grand Master can teach. This may be your once in lifetime opportunity to be a part of the premier tournament of the midwest. We will be awarding the highest quality trophies given at any midwest event. June 13th & 14th 2003, Schlagle HS Gym, Kansas City, KS. For more information go to http://tendous-kenpo.tripod.com or call me at 913-302-6492.
Yours in Kenpo, Walter Justice

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