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Nov 13, 2008
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Sounds like you've found a great teacher, and are having a great time. Congratulations on finding tai chi in your path.


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Jun 17, 2008
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Nite, as I said, if John recommends him, that is good enough for me! Enjoy the kettleballs training, it is quite fun!! Also, take a normal soccer ball or volley ball, and using the hold the ball technique, rotate the ball in the circle and pattern of the yin/yang symbol while moving in moving push hands manner. This will develop connectivity, rooting, circular sensitivity, and good patterns of movement. Just a suggestion. Remember, sink, root, reel in, jing, express, and smile!! Or, put another way, and excuse possibly incorrect spelling, peng liu ji an!!! That is the basis of basic taiji movement.

Please tell you sifu John hi from Texas Mike in Houston, miss him and wish him well. Also, fyi, I will be in LA in March for the yearly Ying Jow gathering party and celebration of Sigung Leung Shum's birthday next year in LA. It was in NYC this year and Costa Rica in 2010. I would love to see John, as we have not seen each other in almost 10 years since he came to be the doc at the Wushu team trials in Houston in 1999 that my tai chi and White Crane master Jeff Bolt sponsored. Stick to John, and Mark, and learn everything!!!!