Tai Chi as a Subset of Qigong?


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Aug 28, 2001
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Terre Haute, IN
A Knight Ridder article that ran in our local paper on 3 July 2003 discussed Qigong:

Some of us might better recognize the art as tai chi ("tie-chee"), though there is a distinction.

Qigong is a series of what appear to be simpledeep-breathing exercises and subtle movements, such as flexing torso movements.

Tai chi could be called a subset of qigong. Tai chi's gentle, flowing exercises are part of the large number of qigong movements that are rpescribed by Chinese traditional medicine practices to "move" someone's "qi," or energy.

Tai chi is a sort of introduction taught at many health clubs and fitness centers. The East Bank Club in Chicago offers traditional tai chi and a tai chi stretch class.

I think I wouldn't agree that Tai Chi is merely a subset of Qigong, despite the overlap!

Taiji fan

interesting...taijiquan is a set of techniques for combat...but the taijiquan form, practsed slowely and correctly with attention to breathing could be classed as qigong.....its like taiji is qigong but qigong is not taiji.....although I suspect the qigong and tai cheeee exercise being taught in health clubs is pretty far from authentic taijiquan or qigong anyway.

Ken JP Stuczynski

Tai Chi exercises are moving chi kung exercises with a bent toward particular martial goals.

That's why Tai Chi is a martial art. The methods just happen to be chi kung.