Systema Seminar Cape Cod, MA - Arthur Sennott


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Aug 26, 2002
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Boston, MA
Systema: New England Cape Cod Seminar At Masters Centers Orleans

Instructor: Arthur Sennott
Date: Saturday November 16th 2002
Time: 2:30PM-4:30PM
Fee: $35
Masters Centers of Orleans
81 Rayber Rd.
Orleans, MA 02653
Contact Info: Call Arthur Sennott at 617-987-0198 or email him at [email protected]

Arthur will be returning to the Cape for a one day workshop.

Topics covered will be the breaths relationship to movement and its interplay with the fine line between form and movement. Exercises, drills and practical applications will be equally emphasized.

In addition Arthur will show a variety of drills that can be used for solo practice.

Beginner and advanced students are both welcome.
Sounds like a very informitive seminar, just not a good weekend for me. Please keep us up to date on future dates

Respectfully Dan Brady
Hi Dan,

Nice to meet you. Reviewing my own seminar would feel a bit cheesy :wink: So I grabbed the posts about it from our message board... and you can read those.

I'm doing a seminar in Taunton on Dec. 11th, but it isn't on Systema (though the the Systema will at least make a cameo :wink:). Its on combat applications from traditional forms.

I think I might be adding some Systema seminars in that area though.

Anyway here are some posts about the Cape seminar:

So on saturday, arthur taught a systema seminar down on the cape. I really enjoyed it and felt that alot of things came together for me during the seminar. It pretty much revolved around breathing and how breath can affect movement. We did pushing drills with our lungs being in all states of fullness or emptiness. Movement while exhaling, movement while inhaling. We used breath to absorb a hit, move the attacker off balance and then take him down all with the emphasis on breath. I always knew that breath could affect movement, but arthur really showed how extensive that affect could be. All in all it was an excellent learning experience.



I second that.

While we've worked on breathing in class before, I am still a newbie. It just hadn't occured to me to apply breathing to initiate movement, or to off-balance an opponent. In addition to showing us the movement, Arthur really broke it all down and explained the physics and biomechanics involved.

The seminar was remarkable. I think we all came away with a little deeper understanding of Systema.

By the way, I should mention that Gulo was there, and he was an awesome training partner! He has just started Systema, and he was working very soft and slowly!!! I know he is going to do very well!

I can't wait for the next one!


i finally had my first class in the system and it's awesome!
never would have imagined the paradigm that losing strength (by exhaling) produces strength (also by breathing out) to displace an opponent. what a cool concept
breathing rocks

although one must be carefull in doing breathing drills while driving car in a Nor'easter (thank God it wasn't snow) that i was so relaxed i noticed several times was way overspeeding

however, i thought MA is about not getting hit
so Mr. Arthur, next time you demontrate a love tap, remember, i'm only 5ft 6in and 130lbs weakling. Please don't hurt me!
at least till i learn how not to stiffen up and breath proper


Heh, Gulo, don't give Art an invitation to hit you - he was already planning on it

The seminar was great, felt my entire posture corrected by breathing. I'm really seeing and effect on my physique from simply adjusting my breathing. It helped a LOT. Lots of power in that.

Oh, and special thanks to Art and Jonas for helping me get past that fear reflex ...

- Al


Yes it was a great seminar.
I was impressed at how Al and Jonas moved.
They really know how to "not be there" (escape masters).
It was interesting to see how breathing, seemingly such an easy every
day thing can really be useful. The thought of breathing certain areas
of you body was amazing...Arthur brought that to the seminar and we
used it with Vicki


i meant to thank Arthur and everybody at the seminar for a most enjoyable afternoon of learning Systema!

it was hard to figure out at first the how and why we have to twist and bend certain ways. but by seeing Al and because of his height, the manner in which he was folded and manipulated by Arthur, magnified my understanding of the system with regards to breathing.

Jonas also reinforced this method to me by showing me how to mix evading and breathing techniques as he tries to break my shoulder...err i mean as we did the push drills.

and lastly, we all had a good time when one by one they introduced me to the floor the systema way

again thanks everybody and hope to c y'all very soon!