Sword Vs. Gun


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Apr 13, 2005
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MartialIntent said:
As swordsman, would we have the luck or skill to beat the bullet... only to get whacked on both shoulders by the fragments?? :)

You've probably also seen the automatic versus the Nihoto
Katana VS .50 Caliber Machine Gun.wmv (8mb)

[beaten but not without a fight - that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!]
That is my point... As swordsman, would you decide to put yourself in *THAT* place? Or would you decide to *NOT* be there? The sword or the gun doesn't make that decision, the person does. It is all about choices (aka decisions).


arnisador said:
Because you can hit with the flat of the blade? I don't buy it. You can hit someone with a gun, too.

A sword is made for cutting people.

Depending on a sword, you can control the situation without inflicting perminant damage just fine... Keep your sword in it's sheath to take away the cutting edge... hit with the flat edge, some swords can be flipped around and you can hit with the back. Grab a broom stick and use it as a sword, you can use the same technique, minus the blood. With a sword you can CONTROL a situation without causing someone serious injury... with a gun, there is no such thing (short of hitting them with the gun, but that's no more effective than a good punch).

Again, I'm not saying "swords are superior" I'm simply saying that "swords aren't inferior." In some situations a sword is STILL a preferable weapon.

Is a man strikes me with his flat, I will be offended and give him my edge. Surely no-one is advocating using the flat to end the fight as opposed to the edge here? If you see me hit anyone flat, it's because I screwed up and if you see someone srike me with ANY part of their weapon, I likewise have screwed up.

No, I was... The proper technique is to hit with the blade, but I was making the point that, with a sword, you can control a situation without serious injury... how can you shoot someone with a gun without making a big hole, unless you're using a gun/ammo not designed to be leathal.

What about the caveman's flint axe vs. the sword? I think people just switched over to swords because theyre so shiny. In reality the flint axe would kick ***!!!

That's just an insulting arguement. Specifically comparing a useful weapon with an antiquated one doens't prove any point except your incomprehension. However, you're right, in a way. Axes, in some situations are superior to swords. In the SCA, I tend to fight with a halberd, because it is more versitile than a sword. All the attacking power of a sword, more attacking surfaces, and easier to defend with (since you can grab the haft).


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Aug 28, 2001
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People use a gun for control all the time--by intentionally shooting a person in the leg rather than the torso. It's messy, but usually not lethal.


Jul 31, 2003
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