Stick vs. Empty hand.


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Feb 16, 2003
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I always felt bad for Coy...everyone grabbed him to demo on in seminars because he was so damn big!
I think 97 was the last year I was at one of Hock's Texas events (maybe 98).
And yes, I will be at Sama Sam for Saturday and Sunday (on duty Friday.....:mad: )
Looking forward to playing a bit!

LOL. Yeah. Coy's a great guy, a very solid martial artist, and a good uke (lots of practice :) )

I hit it off with all of Prof. Lansdale's guys, but Coy and I really hit it off and we became pretty close.

When I got my black belt in Shen Chuan, they didn't have any belts that would fit me. Coy took his belt off and gave it to me. I was floored. If there hadn't been a room full of people (including a couple of visitors from, I believe, Wisconsin), I'd have shed some manly tears. Coy's belt fit me OK (I wasn't a small guy). But I've lost about 60 pounds since then so the ends hang pretty low when I put it on now. But, still, it brings an affectionate grin to my face when I think of Coy.

I'm very glad and proud to be a part of the Shen Chuan family.