Skipping belts for certain students


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Mar 1, 2018
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I am most definitely not living through my child. Just wanted to clear that up. I think people have been really jumping so quickly to ASSUME this post is all about this crazy soccer Mom who wants a star player. NOT THE CASE AT ALL!!!! I mean that would not require me asking advice on this site. Its pretty easy to be a crazy psycho soccer mom. You just act obnoxious and make sure your child is number one by drilling and training your kid 24-7 to be the best.
I am trying to learn about Tae Kwon Do to help my son who is very interested. My child is not your typical kid. He is extremely ADHD. A very intelligent child but has a lot of issues in school. We are working on a lot of accommodations and I need to help and work with his TKD studio to make sure he is staying interested and challenged. His self esteem could really improve. He thrives when he FEELS successful and that is all based on his own feelings.
Because so much comes easy to my child he gets bored so quick. Which is why I talked with his instructor recently about keeping him challenged but not too challenged. He also tends to give up if he has to work too hard
Once again my original post was geared more toward wondering if I should guide my kid to be more competitive with his peers because in certain sports if you dont do that they just push you aside.
I have now learned from everyones amazing advice that is not the case in TWD which makes me even more excited for my child because I have a feeling this is going to be a really great thing for him.
I am here with the intentions to get advice and help my child. Maybe I didnt communicate that well.
Well, that is the issue with a lot of young kids, maybe more so for yours. TKD, and Martial Arts in general are all about repetition. Your child will feel successful, but like all students, at times, the training will be tedious, as you do the same drills over and over. Basics, forms, sparring drills, free sparring. Sometimes the training will seem too easy, and your bored 6 year old will not be in a position to put in maximum effort. Other times, it may be frustrating.