Shorinjin Saito-Ryu Ninjitsu



Ihab said:
i admit i'm not the best speller in the world

but this is his real japanese name,
saitos were 100% japanese, until hanschichi moved to hawaii
his daughter married a potugese man

i visited his grave in hawaii, and that's how his name is printed on his tombstone

also mr david kawaikoolihi nuuhiwa "uncle david" or "dr. kaito"
is a very old friend of mr saito sr
he knows of mr saitos training with his grandfather
uncle david is the ceremonial king of hawaii, 12th dan kaito gaku, master of hawaiian art of lua
Guys, just for the record, "Uncle David" recently passed away. I suggest a moment of silence here.

And yes, Ihab, unfortunately, you misspelt his name.