Share your reason and experience for joining the Martial Arts.



This room is for reasons why people join martial arts and there experiences after joining.

I first joined M.A when I was 17 and haven't turned back since.

My original reason for joining was to defend myself against the school bullies.At first I just wanted to get revenge,all the wrong reason,but with martial arts my attitude changed and I became more confident.

Martial Arts has helped me physically,mentally,and to express myself,keep fit and help me relax.

To me martial arts is an art,in some ways a sport,away of expression but most of all away of life.

To me a true martial artist,sleeps,eat,walks,talks and trains like a martial artist.

A true martial artist learns from his experiences and needs to be open to all styles whether they agree with them or not.A true martial artist is always willing to learn more both inside and outside the dojo.

Let me hear about your experiences and feelings towards martial arts.
We miss em sometimes, or thread wander makes a fresh start good sometimes.

Old Tread on experience:

Actually, I looked back a bit and didnt see this exact question...I know its been asked bt I cant find it. Odd... the topic:

Various reasons. To get in shape, to learn some self defence, to learn how to really handle a sword, staff, sai. For me, its not really about the pursuit of a belt or sash. My personal belief is that if you own a weapon, one should know how to handle it. I've always liked swords. So I keep looking for people to train with who can help me to understand my chosen personal weapon. In the journey, I've met some very interesting folks and learned something about alot of much so that I've taken several detours to further explore various arts such as Wing Chun, Kenpo, Modern Arnis, Kendo, Iaido, JKD and a ew others.

Its been fun. :)
well.. my freind was over at my house one day and said "you wana take a JKD class with me?" I said "what's that?" he said "a martial art bruce lee made based around efficiency" I said "sure why not".

basicly I walked into a class knowing next to nothing about the art, but it was fun so I stayed..
Hey all...

First off.. GOU.. im not surprised at all by your answer!!!

I started taking MA in the beginning to learn how to defend myself.. but I have found that its so much more than that.. Im constantly learning valuable life lessons.. I make new friendships and strengthen old ones, everyday.. and I found that im not only a student but a teacher.. even if its only showing newbies how to tie their belts...

It has effected my life dramitically... it makes me stop and think about things all the time.. I don't think it will ever Not be a part in my life.. and that's Just fine with ME!!!:asian:
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First off.. GOU.. im not surprised at all by your answer!!!

...and yet you never invite me to visit your school.

Around 10 yo, I hated injustice, I was always defending people, I was always a** kicked. :rofl:

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well.. my freind was over at my house one day and said "you wana take a JKD class with me?" I said "what's that?" he said "a martial art bruce lee made based around efficiency" I said "sure why not".

basicly I walked into a class knowing next to nothing about the art, but it was fun so I stayed..

How long ago was that, sweeper?
Any other arts along the journey?
it was about a year and a half ago. (yeah I'm a total newbie :p)

well I found out they also taught kali in the class.

But I forgot to mention that I had a few months (4 I think) of judo the year before that. I'm not sure if you would call that a MA realy (it was strictly sports based) but it did help out my grappaling and takedowns alot.
To make a long story really short, I was tired of worrying about how many people out there could kick my buttocks, and faced with a situation where there was a continuous implied threat.

I started in Kenpo karate, and have been with it for about 10+ years now. I love all aspects of the martial arts, and have enjoyed the ride so far.

Not to mention the women. MA women rule!!! (especially my wife, who would kick my a** all over the house if she thought there was anyone else...hehe!!)

I was a military brat all while growing up. Each place we lived,
I took "karate" at the "rec center". Most times, it was packed
full of people, and no direction was given. Most of the time we
were in horse stance doing blocks and kicks. I would say we
hammered out the basics, but there was no corrections given.
Most of the time, I never even really knew what style it was we
were learning. After quite a few years of that, TSD, where I was
the oldest student. It put the idea into my head that I was just
too old to start (at 21 yrs old!). Then a gal I work with started
TKD about a year ago, and she's my age. There were plenty of
people my age or older at her dojang, so I signed up. I'm a
big guy, so all that jumping didn't suit me well, so I took up a lot
of the schools in my area on their "39.95 introductory month"
and did research on the net, until I found kenpo, about 8 months
ago. I just love it! I can definitely see myself doing it for the rest
of my life.
I agree with Eraser

I started MA for self defense. Now, like Eraser said, I'm finding that MA is much more than self defense. When I started, I didn't have confidence, disipline, self esteem, ect. MA changed all that. I'm still working on the self esteem part, but I think I have fairly good confidence in my technique. I still need work, though.
My interest the martial arts stems from Chinese philosophy...

As a sophomore in high school I began reading the Tao Te Ching...
I researched Chinese religions and philosophies to find a paradox:

The monks of Shaolin revered life so much as to not eat meat and to avoid, whenever possible, even stepping on a bug...yet they trained in one of the deadliest martial arts known. (at least that's what I could find in the libraries in the early 70s)...I was could a pacifist engage in martial disciplines???

That is what got me interested.

I had wresteled in grade school and was involved in Western thing about boxing; no matter how good you are, you will get hit...and I left the gym every night with a headache.

I was also interested in health care...
and, interested in what Traditional Chinese Medicine might offer to those who were not helped by Western medicine...

I was a nurses aide...
then I was an Army practical nurse...
then I went to get my BSN...
eventually I went on to get a Master's degree in Anesthesia Nursing.

During that entire time, I continued my quest for the answers to HOW a pacifist society could engage in the deadliest of arts...

I decided to immerse myself in it to figure it out.

In 1977 I started Judo...and continued through 1982...

I started Chinese boxing (YiLIQuan) in 1982...I took every "extra" course the system those days, T'ai Chi was extra and I gladly paid the money to learn more...I also took the course on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)...The Sifu of that system required some rather severe nei gong drills...and I did them all.

Bottom line, I finally figured out WHY a group of pacifists could engage in a deadly art and still be true to their beliefs...

Now I use the lessons of that journey to make myself a better healthcare provider...and I still teach what my teacher taught me.

And, yes, they must sweat and they must sometimes bleed...but in the end they will see that although I seemed like an a**hole...I really wanted them to learn a magnificent thing...

sorry for rambling...
Well, you will all have to excuse my reason. I was bouncing and hanging out in 'fun' or 'rough' places. While bouncing I kept putting people in the hospital and the police reports really sucked. I had a friend who said I need to learn control and he introduced me to Modern Arnis in 1986.

I did not bounce and hurt people for fun. I got the job by being nice and helping out some people who were being 'bothered'. I did not like hurting people, which is why my friend was willing to share MA with me. Since then I have learned a lot, and I have never regretted the time nor the effort.

Thank you

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I'm here for Gou Ronin

Stop that. For a second I thought you were my ex-girlfriend.

That restraining order is still good you know. She's not allowed within 500 meters of me.

Thank God.
I started Aikido to learn self-defense. My mom and I do it together. I enjoy it more than she does mostly 'cause she feels so old and clumsy doing it. I wish our reason for taking Aikido could just be for fun or getting in shape like most people and not for learning how to defend ourselves from my crazy-mentally-ill brother. :sadsong: Oh well, the main point I suppose is that I finally get to do Aikido after thinking martial arts are so awesome for my whole life. :) I never thought I'd be able to actually LEARN (or try to learn) something as cool as this. :cool:

Robyn :angel: