School + Training



I don't know how old everyone is in here but I guess we all go through this same stage once in our MA lifes. I find it difficult to do Muay Thai during the school year as it often clashes with the amount of work i'm given at school and I don't seem to have enough time to practise or go to my class. I really like MT and it's probably the only interest/sport in my life, that I can say i'm not too bad at and enjoy at the same time. So any adive on how to cope with school life and the martial arts at the same time would be grateful. Thank You


well depending on how many MA classes you take a week, i would say cut back on one until you are comfortable with your school work.

also you can practice your techniques at home so you dont feel left out when you make it to class.

talk with your teacher about this problem and see what advise he can give. perhaps he can help you out on a 1 to 1 basis. see what he thinks.

depending on how much work you have and what kind of detail it entails, im sure you would be able to continue most of you MA training.

best of luck to you :)