Saving an old cultural asset Dojo ?


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Jun 18, 2007
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Ladies & gents

I just thought you guys may want to show some LOVE for this Dojo in Tokyo.

Kodansha publishing company wants to tear down Noma Martial Arts Dojo,
a historically important dojo on their grounds.
Before the war, Noma Dojo was one of the four great dojo of the eastern capital.
Now it is the only remaining one.
It was the site of the last kendo competition that was attended by the Emperor, and the dojo of
the most famous sensei of the 20th century Mochida Moriji sensei.
It may be fun to have something else to go see than Disneyland next time you're in Tokyo.

Show some love for the fellow martial artists out there !

To sign the Dojo petition, click below.

To see the dojo go here:

Sincerely and with lots of love
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