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Mar 17, 2002
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What exercises do you preform to give a good quad. work out? I use leg extensions, then leg presses, move on to squats. After that I usually finish the workout with walking lunges. Usually I warm up with some time on the stairmaster and cool down on there as well.
RUNNING IS THE BEST. In my opinion, running is the only way to work out the entire leg without imbalance. Machines work out certain muscles (obviously). also swimming is good
Originally posted by jfarnsworth
I use leg extensions, then leg presses, move on to squats. After that I usually finish the workout with walking lunges.

Leg extensions, leg presses, squats AND lunges? Can you even walk for the rest of the week?

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The Hindu Squats have helped repair my Judo related knee injuries. Had an ACL reconstruction and Meniscus repairs. My knees were irritable after that. The Hindu Squats have slowly given me back full function.
I try to do weighted squats religiously- and I hate every single one of them. Grrr. Lunges, machines. I tend not to use the stairmaster 'cuz I overdo it on that thing.

I find a good hamstring conditioning routine is harder to come up with- suggestions welcome.
I'll put up a hamstring thread in the next couple of days. Unfortuantely I was gone all of yesterday.:(
Originally posted by Elfan
Leg extensions, leg presses, squats AND lunges? Can you even walk for the rest of the week?

Only sore for a couple of days anyhow. If you do 3 sets of each your only looking at a total of 12 sets. A couple of leg ext. warm ups then only 14 sets total. Going 8 -10 sets each set that's really not a whole lot.

You may want to give pistols a try!

extend one leg parallel to the ground. grap your toes. now bend the knee of the leg that you are standing on and try to go down as far as possible without bending forward too much.
put a chair behind you and do the same thing and try to sit on the chair and then get up.
3 sets of 10 on each site 3 times a week till you get the hang of it. when you get real good at it and can go down to the floor. hold a dumble 25 to 50 pounder in your arms close to your chest and try to do the same drills again.
you soon find out that your kicks have got a new zing to them.
Originally posted by jfarnsworth
I'll put up a hamstring thread in the next couple of days. Unfortuantely I was gone all of yesterday.:(

Just don't go near the gluts. I'm getting ill.:barf:


Thought I would revive this a little for the newer people. I would some various ways to building the quad. and hamstring together. Since I like to mold my workouts around circuit training but still keep the superset principle. One series I put together was doing these lifts one right after the other
Leg extensions
Stiff leg deadlifts
Leg curls
After one set the legs are burning. I also found (for me personally) putting squats and leg presses immediately after one another is extremely tough on the quad. muscle.
Squats need to be the "core" of your quad workout, unless you have an injury of some kind. That's my opinion.

Jeff, your workout sounds like a good one.

For an increase in size, a good one to try is an all squat workout for the quads. You want to keep things different, so this one might be a goods one to do for a month or two. Pyramid, or increase the weight for each time the "reps" decrease, decrease weight for each time "reps" increase. It's 12 sets, not including the warm-up. Recommendation...don't climb stairs for a few days after... :ultracool

Regular position squats:
20 reps
10 reps
6-8 reps
4-6 reps
10 reps

Wide leg/knee's out:
6-8 reps
6-8 reps
10 reps

Knee's closed together with a 25 pound plate under your heels:

6-8 reps
6-8 reps
10 reps

One last set, manual squats with bar and no weight,legs in regular squat position, and do as many reps as possible.
What are Hindu squats?

Aren't squats, lunges bad for the knees? Everything I've heard so far is that your knee shouldn't go over your toes. ??

Quad workout:

Standing position, bring knees to chest 300 times. If that is too easy, then do it with jumping knees to chest. (hard on knees though)

I do squats on a wall, actually slide down on my arms in back and go backup on my own. (also for hamstrings)

Axe kicks. after doing continuously front leg front kicks, then round kicks 50-100 each leg. Then same leg continuously to axe kicks to head level. 100

Some running, knees hurt though but great for quads, especially up hills.

Lunges we do all the time in form. Too easy. Maybe transfer lunges, going from one side to 180簞 other side without putting your foot down. TKD white belt form. Alot of those though do burn.

VM quad muscle workout: (inner knee to groin) on back lifting one leg at a time in a V, foot toe turned out, hold for ten seconds. Good for knees. This muscle is seldom used as much as the others and the other three can "overpower" it and cause knee problems if this is not worked out and as strong as the other three.
I would like to know what Hindu Squats are as well, since I also had ACL and meniscus surgery.

Yeah, Here is a photo series demonstrating Hindu Squats. The same page demonstrates Hindu push-ups. We call them tiger push-ups and I saw on another thread sometime back someone else called them something different still.

I guess you can do these hindu squats with both legs or one leg. kewl.
I'm recovering from ACL reconstruction, so I'm not up to doing everything I used to do.

But, when healthy, I do seated leg press as a core workout. Not a cable machine, but the kind you load with 45 pound plates. This spares my back, and I can load a lot of weight on there if I'm in the mood. Squats are out for me.

I do seated leg extensions (and hamstring curls to offset them), and these have to be the most hideously painful exercise I've ever done. The burn always...ALWAYS comes after I finish the set. Never during...after. It kills me. Its like somebody has injected carbolic acid into my thighs. Its all I can do to keep from losing my composure. I hate it, I love it.

I've found, though, that the leg press is enough for the most part. The other stuff is extra. If I do it all in one day, it fatigues me beyond reason.


Shesulsa...you might check with your physical therapist before doing those Hindu Squats. It looks like that really loads the knee.



What kind of reconstruction did you have? I had the mid-line where the surgeon takes a bone chip from the patella, peels down a donor from the patellar tendon on down to the tibia including a bone chip from the tibia, then drills new host holes in the femur and tibia and screws the bone chips in with titanium screws. I have a not-so-sexy scar going down the front of my knee, but I was told it's the closest to the real thing and the strongest fix available.

Another guy in my class got the hamstring tendon donation method. He's already back working out, but I think he's pushing it. My surgery was 18 months ago, so the implant has had time to mature and grow it's own blood supply. My knee never felt better.