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posted August 08, 2002 01:09 AM
Well it my pleasure to announce production models of the "Remy Presas Legacy Knife" are now available!!
It has been almost a year now since Professor passed away, prior to his passing he and I pledged together to honor his Legacy with a Knife he Blessed as part of his continued Legacy to Modern Arnis!
At that time it was all I could do to get him to give it back to me once he had it in his hand,,, He kept squeezing it tightly and calling it the "Doblata", Roland Dantes joined in and called the "Baliktaran".
It has been decided to call it the "Presas Legacy", and it is a hot little player as far as edged steel.
I had a hard time finding the right maker for the project, a couple makers wanted to make thousands of models and run it like a medium grade production model. I had a problem with that thought process from the beginning and declined the deals set forth.
Thru Mike Fuller owner of Tactical Ops. Knives (TOPS) a maker was found, his name is
Norm Schenk owner of "Two Finger Knife Co. and HELL FIRE FORGE". Norm is out of Idaho Falls, Idaho and has been involved in the knife industry for years. He has worked with Devin Thomas in the production of superior quality Damascus Making, Yes he makes the Damascus personally!!
Additionally Norm has worked directly with Gil Hibben over the years in technical designs.
Norm currently works full time manufacturing Custom Blades, Sword Blades, Bar stock, and Tomahawk Heads.
I personally handmade the Prototype in Damascus steel and wanted that type of quality, integrity, and collector value in the "Presas Legacy Knife" so I was excited to hook up with Norm!
Upon discussing the project, Norm was really excited to make the Custom Productions. He enjoyed the story of how Professor established such a dynamic impact in the Martial Arts World and thought the design was special from the moment he first handled it!
Professor felt that way as well!
Here is the break down, All "Presas Legacy" knives will be in Twist Damascus with Brown Maple Burl Handles. The sheath is Brown Oiled Leather with heavy duty stiching, the sheath has "PRESAS" engraved on the front!
Each knife and sheath will be serial numbered starting with 001 and running up to 100. At that time the Damascus and Handle material will be changed and the serial numbers will continue with 101 up to 200. Every time the knife run hits 100 in the series suttle changes with be made. This makes every knife unique and collectable. I am happy to say in the last couple weeks over 30 knives have been ordered.
Look around at the price of a quality Damascus Knife and you will be amazed the the "Presas Legacy" is currently only $275.00 each with the Sheath and a Certificate of Authenticity! This deal can not be beat, but that is not as important as the fact that this is the Knife the Professor Blessed as his Legacy to MODERN ARNIS!! You can order directly by calling 253-564-2867!
Steel will out live us all!!
Kelly S. Worden

As soon as some pictures are made avalible I will post the link....

Guro Harold

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Hello Harold,
Thanks for asking, Roland Spencer is the Photographer in charge of the layout and is currently doing a group of shots for Magazine and coverage release. I spoke with him yesterday and he mentioned that he would establish an address where we could download and view the "Legacy Knife" very soon!
I received the first "Presas Legacy #000" the day before the recent MARPPIO seminar, everyone there was real impressed at the quality that Norm Schenk produced. Without sounding to corny, you are right, "A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS".
Additionally on that note, Dan Anderson, Datu Hartman, and Dan McConnell have all seen the "Prototype Presas" I handmade several months back. As a matter of fact Dan McConnell got to handle it on his last trip out to see Professor early last August when I drove him and his wife to the Victoria Clipper from the airport.
Dan McConnell has ordered three "Presas Legacy" Knives at this time and is taking orders for a few more from his group!
Datu Dieter ordered his model on "first touch" back in August of 2001 while in Victoria, the day before Remy Passed.
Bram Frank has ordered his sight un-seen, Thanks Guys for the effort to support the
By the way, I have reserved the first "Legacy" # 001 for the Presas family and will be presenting it to them on our next get together. Rosemary Presas is in San Pablo Ca. at this time and I will share the Schenk #000 ordering model with her next week during a family gathering while on vacation in San Francisco.
The first run of #'ed models will arrive in three weeks for delivery and continue as additional orders are taken. Remember each knife is a "Custom Handmade Model", Reserve your model soon!
"Damascus" the choice of Collector's"
Kelly S. Worden


Here is the link to the pictures

Hey Knife Collectors', I hope this link gets you into some of the pictures of the Presas Legacy.
Just a note to let you know this first Prototype has a blade of 1/4 Raindrop Ladder Damascus 135 layer 15N20/1075 with Amboynia Burl, it is not numbered and was the sample of Norm's Production Work.
Speaking with him this weekend, he mentioned making some new Ladder Pattern Damascus with variable Patterns. I told him variations were fine and added even more uniqueness to each blade.
If some one would like Black Micarta Handles, Custom Burls or something outside the norm of "Brown Maple Burl Handles", let me know as it would just be a little bit more in cost.
Enjoy the pictures!
Kelly S. Worden

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