practice mauy thai or not practice mauy thai

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youre supposed to download it...;)

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By all means, practice it if you can. Be open.
martial artist, have you seen the vid?

anyways i took it off and to sum it all up it depicted two muay thai fighters: 1 went for the shin kick the other blocked with his knee, fighter #1 broke his leg like a crayon...

see why i asked the question?
I've seen this fight!
But ive also seen a lot of Fight's
This waz an ouch.
But U don't have to studdy Mauy Thai
Just to fight U can do it for the Thrill.

No one will just push u into the ring U
Have to want that.
Now Mauy Thai is contact training.
So pertective gear will help.
Shin pertectors are a good way to start.
Gloves, Helmet & a CUP!! (not for tea):armed:


Good Stuff
im not saying im like pressured or just pulling this incedent out just to make people realize what might happen.

i for one am looking foward to muay thai training.
Good Show
Good Fight
Good Stuff