Poll: Utility of Red Dot sights


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Feb 3, 2005
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Huber Heights, OH
This is a poll about the utility of Red Dot sights in making consistent "minute of man" hits to the target. Do they offer quicker hits on target over traditional iron sights?

This is only about their utility, not their durability or longevity. For the purposes of this poll, assume an "ideal" Red Dot sight which will never run out of batteries and is identical to iron sights in terms of durability and reliably holding zero.

Description of Poll Answers:
  1. Yes - RDS allow me to acquire and hit man sized targets faster and more reliably, keeping a more reliable sight picture, than iron sights
  2. Yes - When the Military trained me, they made me use RDS and told me they were faster and more reliable; I have no reason to argue with my trainers (unless I wanted latrine duty)
  3. No - Traditional iron sights are faster on target and provide more reliably accurate hits in that quicker time
  4. No Real Difference - RDS is about the same in terms of speed acquiring the target, maintaining sight picture, and putting rounds reliably on target

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Jul 31, 2003
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My professional opinion. RDS give faster hits. But their REAL utility is the ability to make hits from unconventional positions. Try placing accurate hits from behind cover under fire with a RDS compared to irons. You don't need cheek weld, hell...you don't need to actually shoulder the weapon to make a hit with a RDS.

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