Pacifism: The Case Against, Distilled

Phil Elmore

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Mar 30, 2002
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What is pacifism? Is it, in fact, false moral equivalency? Are pacifists cowards? What is the alternative to pacifism? I address these and other concempts in the article on pacifism that now appears on my page.


One can lead a child to knowledge but one cannot make him think

I love that :p

But I would point out that your definition of pacifism is not the only one. a pacifist can also be someone who maintains a principle that universal peace should be maintained and that all disputes can be cetteled without violance.

Also I would point out that a pacifist of your description does not nessisaraly contribute to further injury by not stopping a violant person, and that they do not nessisaraly hold that an agresor and victem are equal, only that the act of violence is equaly repugnant.

for the most part I agree with your perspective of the individual you describe (though not the use of the word pacifism/pacifist) and most of what you said but I do not think the conclusions you stated as "logical outcomes" were nessisaraly probable, deffinatly posable, but not deffinatly probable.


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Feb 1, 2002
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rhus, Denmark
Great attempt to try and define a pasafist.

But your using assumptions to back up your claims:
The blood of any subsequent victims is on your folded hands.

You cant assume that. You can not be responsable for other peoples actions after meeting you.

The train of thought your giving is that when a person meets you, any action he takes is your responsablility. No can do.

Which brings me on to the next point, if you really look at it philosophically (sp?). Nothing is correct, and nothing is right. Because everbody has the "right" to what he thinks. Which brings me on to the next point: fight against evil. Really there is not evil, because evil defines that somthing bad and something good. And as a philosopher things are explicite good or evil; just that soimethings are good for people and some are not, and even taht changes with time.

You write in the end: dominating every space you occupy and driving forward to do what you must, what you will.
I dont agree, bt we can agree on that we dont ;)

Dominate your self (find you center) and you will lighten up your path and move towards your destiny..

Best Regards

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Dec 27, 2001
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A thought on the subject, not sure who said it..
"a warrior may choose pacifism...all others are condemned to it"
(or words to that effect... May be from Bob Orlando, but I am not certain).

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