Overheard At Work, part deux!


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Jan 16, 2006
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Young Auxiliary: (calls in a report of gunfire on radio)

Patrolman 1: "Is there anything else you can tell us about the incident?"

Young Auxiliary: "Yes, the gun was loud"

Patrolman 2: "It was...loud...?"

Young Auxiliary: "Yes, it was like a hand cannon!"


Patrolman 1: "Everything I shoot sounds like that"


Upon word that the Seabrook Nuke was under alert:

Retired LEO: "An area of the plant has been evacuated, but plant operations are not affected"

Retired LEO: "I have a correction. Plant operations may be affected, but the public is not at risk."

Nearby Ham Operator: "Are you sure?"

Retired LEO: "Yes. I repeat, the public is not in danger. The area was evacuated after a spill of cleaning products (containing ammonia)

Nearby Ham Operator: "How long has it been since they cleaned that place, anyway?"


Town Dispatcher: "Subject, a xxxxxx at Wendy's, said a customer became irate and assaulted her by throwing an order of Mac and Cheese in her face"

(I've never had Mac and Cheese at Wendy's. Is it really that bad?)


Nearby Ham Operator: "The State Police were detonating something at the (town) dump. Do you know what it was?"

Retired LEO: "No. That sure sounds trashy to me."


The New Hampshire State Police would like to remind motorists that it is NOT entrapment if a trooper hides his cruiser and doesn't use his parking lights while trying to catch speeders.

(via Facebook)


And the runner up:

Swansea, Mass: Harbormaster's office on alert after a report of a male subject in a motorized wheelchair. On a raft. Trying to row to Virginia. Believed to be intoxicated.


And.....The Winnah!

Lawrence, Mass dispatch: "Caller reports a male streaking through the [city] common. No clothing description of suspect" :lfao: :lfao:

I just love New England :D

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