Oooooh, Me Aching Knees.



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18 mos ago I put down my Harley and tore my acl, mcl and meniscus in my left knee. Rule 1 - get a reasonbly good brace to prevent twisting. Rule 2 - build up the knee muscles. Rule 3 - listen to your body, when its swollen, cut back, ice it and take an anti imflammatory (Aleve is the best). Rule 4 - HAVE THIS DISCUSSION WITH AN ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON WHO HAS A CONSERVATIVE REPUTATION.

Thank you Old warrior and Nightinggale for the support
it is now 6 months since I posted this thread and started training full time again.

My knees are doing much better than I thought they would. I do still have some pain, mosting with getting into deep stances or twist stances, those are the real bugger. I am quite happy, I've lost 25lbs (but none since xmas :( ) and I'm hopping more weight loss will help more.

Thanks again to everyone for the support, I hopping for good things in the future.


P.S. I won't be having any surgery the doc told me since it was only a partial tear they would not be doing it. And yes I do have a knee brace though I've only used it when things get really energetic. Perfer not to be come dependent on it. :)

Old Warrior

"Prefer not to be come dependent on it."

We're talking about preventing severe injury to a damaged knee by limiting movement in directions that can harm the structure. It's not a sign of weakness or giving in to minor pain. It's like wearing glasses. I'd prefer not to, but I can't see anything without them. What's the point of risking further injury - then you couldn't train at all.

One of the hardest parts of getting older (I'm 54) has been to learn to accept my limitations and work around them. I am icing my knee at this instant, (Friday's promotion exam and 2 days of snow shoveling did me in) and I am praying the swelling will go down so I don't miss Monday's class. But right now, walking is a problem. Don't tempt fate use a brace.