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  • From Master Dan
    After 16 years of being in a remote culture that not all speak english That is how they referred to me and it is like a celebrity handle most people in this region know me. More habit than anything. I starte with Ernie Reyes Senior and his master in San Jose Dan Q Choi in Moo Duk Kwan then changed to Jidokwan in 1974 with a Grand Master that was the most senior 9th degree in all Nth and Sth American continent he was inducted in to the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame in the 80's.

    RANK TERMINOLOGY According to WTF and Kukkiwon

    3rd Dan Junior Master
    4th and 5th Dan Master
    6th and 7th Dan Senior Master
    8th and 9th Dan Grand Master

    Note: There didn't used to be many non Korean master's and I always knew they truly would never let us equal recognition with them. A new term that is being used is Supreme Grand Master? so far this is being awarded after death and another I am hearing is Seniro Grand Master.
    Hope this helps
    just stopping by...wanted to let you know that I enjoy your posts...very nice way of thinking!
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