Offensive Technique in Long 2?


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Sep 29, 2002
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Fellow Kenpoists,

I just had a question on a sequence of motion in Long Form 2...

The sequence begins by executing a left overhead punch towards 2:30 as you step into a left front crossover. Then you execute an upperward forearm strike to the throat as you step out, at which point you execute three eye pokes.

My question is that does that sequence of motion have a name?

Good journey.

Joshua Ryer
UPK Pittsburgh

Sifu DangeRuss

Do you mean the entire technique ? Or just the sieries of one-fingered pokes ?

The technique is called Rising Twigs.

The modifed Sam Pai rendition thereof is a defense for a cross wrist grab.

Re-grab wrist, pulling your opponent forward into the overhead punch, as you cross over.

Stepping through as the Punching hand checks opponents hands down as the execute a rising horizontal forarm (like an offensive upward block) to the underside of the chin, knocking the opponent's head backwards and his weight onto his heels, disrupting balance.

We follow with three quick vertical snap punches as we step through as opposed to the traditional finger spears. (Thought being, that once his balance is so thoroughly disrupted the stacatto burst of strikes virtually assures over-balancing your opponent to the floor)

Minor technical modification.

('cides it looks a lot less like a Saturday night fever manuever that way !!!)

*...pointing alternating index fingers skyward to the pounding disco beat of the Bee-gees...*


I know it as "Dropping the Mace" Overhead hanging punch (w crossover), extended upward block (stepping out to a neutral bow). Thrusting poke (w forward bow), poke (w neutral bow), poke.

Hope that helps!

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