New student in my Dojo

Chris Parker

Feb 18, 2008
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Melbourne, Australia
You could leave him at his current rank until he is able to perform at your standards. You will be doing him a favor although I am sure he will not see it that way. To give some one rank that does not deserve it is basically hurting them. If he were to get in a serious conflict and had to use his taijutsu which stinks then he is in serious trouble. I also think he is very arrogant to ask to be tested that is not his call it is yours.

bljohnson, I'm going to first off say welcome to the forum, and invite you to make your way over to the Meet and Greet section to let us know something about yourself!

Next, you might not be aware, but resurrecting old threads (referred to as "necro'ing") is generally considered poor form. I've noticed that in all your posts you've been replying to threads from 2-4 years ago, including this one. The last post was over 3 years ago, in fact, nearly four years ago, and as such the OP probably isn't still looking for replies or help anymore. If you have something that can add to the conversation, that's great, but in specific cases like this (where the responces are about a specific situation that was then present for the poster in question), there's little that can be added.

That said, I look forward to seeing your contributions in the rest of the forum.