Mya Ryu Jitsu Dojo



Anyone in the West Central Florida area [Tampa/Clearwater/St. Petersburg] looking for a serious training atmosphere is welcome to join us.

We are very small and set up for off-duty Military, LEO, E.P. and Security. However, citizens who are serious are also very welcome. We train only adults, with a couple of teenage exceptions. I teach with the assistance of three other instructors, two of which are retired/active LEO. As this is not our primary source of income, we teach what we teach because we love to.

We do not train for competitions or point sparring exercises. Our program revolves around realistic tactics and techniques, nothing flashy.

We train hard with body conditioning such as the Royal Court [Hindu squats, Hindu push-up, bridging], Handstand push-ups, Dynamic tension and staff/windlass. We drill with dynamic techniques as well as hands on mat time. My goal is for a student to leave the first class with usable knowledge.

One of my favorite things is to teach someone to fight inside of a phone booth.

We occasionally wear a gi, but usually it's T-shirts and gi bottoms or sweats. We do have belts, but train for the skill not the cloth. Thank you.



Sounds like true Martial Arts dedication to me.....

Good Luck!.........