Music - "Reason For Hope"


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Dec 20, 2004
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Phoenix, Arizona
When not doing martial arts and writing software, I'm a mostly amateur, occasionally semi-professional musician.

My main music project these days is "Reason For Hope", a band I helped to form. It's a mostly improvisational jam band with some influences from jazz , fusion and progressive rock. We are a three piece; with Paul Gamble on guitars and Keith Ratte on drums and percussion. I play six string bass and keyboards. I use a loop pedal to loop bass parts while I play melody onmy *** or play keyboards while Paul is soloing.

We've only been doing it a few months but we've played live a few times to good reception. Our main web site is R4H Music and you can here some recordings we've done at R4H@Iuma The recordings are just from stuff we recorded on the fly at a rehersal with a little recording device set in the middle of the floor (no dubbing or multitracking)

Please check us out.