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Mar 30, 2016
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Staying Motivated with your Martial Arts Training
As with any activity, the early stages are filled with discovery, newness, and anticipation. Unfortunately, after the “Newness” wears off, it is common to become distracted and lose focus on your initial goals concerning your martial arts training. Pushing ahead with patience and determination will allow you to continue with positive progression and to ultimately achieve your goals. A strong teaching staff will help students to regain focus and renew their drive to train diligently. The camaraderie of classmates can also help students to stay on task with their training. In addition, there are several things that every student should do to ensure that their martial arts training stays positive and on target.

1) CREATE A HABIT - The easiest way to keep motivated is to make classes and training part of your normal routine. Just like going to work or school, playing or socializing with friends, setting a routine will help in maintaining that training focus. Establish the training schedule for children and integrate it into the normal routine... Homework Time, Play Time, Pizza Night, Martial Arts Class Night, Movie Day... Implement a routine and stick to it. If you disrupt an established routine, friction often follows. Just think, a child is playing with friends out in the yard when Mom suddenly announces “Get ready now, time to go to Karate”. If a child is caught off guard and not set on a routine, the common reply here is usually something similar to... “What?... Do I have to go now, my friends just came over!” An established routine creates stability and keeps everyone in the loop. If you don’t plan for your martial arts training and make it a regular part of your weekly activities, it’s easy to fall out of the habit.

2) SET GOALS - It is important to set both short term and long term goals with your martial arts training. Short term goals should be close and within your immediate grasp such as preparing for the next belt advancement or learning a new technique or combination. Goals such as improved flexibility, better speed and balance, or mastering a new weapon are all long term goals that students will attain through achieving a progression of the short term goals. Taking small steps lead to great things. As you complete the short term goals, allow yourself to celebrate and feel good about your accomplishments. When you hit a hurdle, you can reflect back on these accomplishments which will help you to get past the slow times and continue your progression.

3) GET OUT OF THE CLASSROOM - Actively participating in martial arts activities outside the classroom are key to becoming a well rounded practitioner. There are various activities such as competitions, training camps, demonstrations, performances, and seminars that will appeal to each student on a personal level and help provide that spark that keeps the training fresh and exciting. Some students like to participate in tournaments and competitions and some enjoy the performing arts aspect of displaying their learned skills. Others simply love the process of learning new skills and attend clinics, seminars, and continuing education events.

The key is to discover your particular martial arts passion, and then throw yourself into it diligently! The instructors stand ready to assist students on their unique martial arts journey. Their experiences with teaching and training with help you conquer obstacles and reach goals.

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Mar 27, 2012
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I'll say one of the best ways to keep motivated to get to class is to build relationships with training partners. As with any other activity, when people expect us to show up (because they know us and are used to us being there), we tend to show up.

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