Modern Arnis virus alert

Datu Tim Hartman

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Aug 26, 2001
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Buffalo, NY USA
Hey everybody-

I just got hit with two viruses. The first e-mail was from Delaney. That one my virus protection got. I also received one from the address of "arnis4" which I think is Jamil in Germany. That one snuck through. My main computer is offline now. If you receive e-mails from either of the above mentioned individuals or e-mails from me with attachments on not open them. My back-up computer is funtioning fine and is virus free. I will not be sending any attachments on my e-mails for the next two weeks, until I get this problem rectified. For those who are in contact with Jamil or Jeff Delaney, please inform them of this problem.

Your truly,

Tim Hartman