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Aug 27, 2002
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Interested in hearing what you Kats thought about Michael Moore's anti-war, anti-prez Bush rant at the Academy Awards on Sunday night. Given his stance on public issues and his politcal leanings I guess it should have been expected. But he sure stirred up a hornet's nest didn't he... :eek:
Lets let him live in Iraq for a year or 2 and then see what he has to say.
He is entitled to his opinion. That's what makes this country great. He is an idiot and I don't really see why so many in Hollywood think people want to hear there political views. Go make a movie.
I believe he is in no way whatsoever qualified to speak on the matter.

What's up with these people that think they know what's going on because they watch CNN?:rolleyes:
Micheal Moore is a jerk.

Politcal issues a side he is a big fat jerk.

My Opinion, is that he plays on fears and makes things up.
I lived through his Roger and ME ad the amount of truth in that documentary can be summed up easily. THere is more truth in the comic books I used to collect or even the Matrix then in his rants.

I would like to follow him around with a camara and say crap at him and see how he reacts and then edit out any thing good for him and put it all in a bad / negative point of view.

Lawyer types can reach me through my e-mail here from this type.
I still contentd that everything I have said is truthful.

right now it seems the every celebrity is on the anti-war bandwagon and most people are sick of it.

however, i still cannot overlook the fact that celebrities can actually be valuable when the get up on the political soapbox. take michael j. fox for example and his fight to make people aware of parkinsons disease.

there is also christoper reeves' work to further research in stem cells and provide funding for research to help find a successful treatment for parlyzation.

so celebs have their pluses when they get political, and yes...it usually comes out of personal interest or need, but it's still a good cause.

now when they speak with their heads up their asses which is what they do most often...you get what we have here with michael moore and all the other "more money than i know what to do with, think i'm way too important, wouldn't last a day living in iraq" morons.
You mean like one Scotish Rocker that wanted the US to forgive all of our Third World Loans. Just wash our hands and add it to out national debt, and then during this campaign goes on tour with tickets ranging from $100 USD to $200+ USD.

This just does not fly in my book.
i think mike's speech was funny.

i thought Bowling for columbine was a funny documentery.
(not all of it of cource

hes like a stand up comic. he makes the truth funny, but to do that you have to twist things a little. like Jerry seinfeld, he makes you laugh at everyday things such as buying soup, or going to the dry cleaners.

he does talk about alot of real issues though. He also makes some good points. perhaps a little biased in his presentation, but hell, its funny.

he comes off as a jerk alot, and hes no Noam Chomsky, but he always has something intresting to say.
Michael Moore did not know what he was talking about. "ficticious President elected with ficiticous results, sending the country to war for ficticious reasons. " (Paraphrasing) I would be extremely embarassed if I had said that. These folks on the outside who have not witnessed first hand the atrocities Saddam's regime have committed should shut their mouths. Something needed to be done and I'm in support of all our troops over there and everywhere. Drive on!
Ya gotta keep in mind that Moore is one of those Hollyweird types out there on the left coast. He gambled on having an audience that would cheer him as a hero, that all in the complex would laud his ability to see to the heart of the matter. The newsclip I heard on the radio proved him wrong. I heard a lot of booing on that clip.

Sure, celebrities can do great things but most of the time those great things are centered around pretty much universally understood "good" things. Moore didn't say anything that thousands of other idiots..... er, I mean, protesters in this country haven't already said. He just had a forum to do so that reached a hell of a lot more people. It isn't just the t.v. types that are commiting career suicide with the war. A particular trio of female country singers did the same thing. The difference with them is they didn't have the guts to say what they said in this country. They waited til they were overseas to do it.

Yep, these people have every right to say what they feel ..... and I have every right to believe that they are cowards with no idea of the price that has been paid for them to have that right.


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