Massive Beat Down

"walking the dog", that was a great video!
damn, that guy got beat like a rented mule. she was dodging those punches like a natural, that was great. :D :D :D
The guy looked like he was drunk, high, and anything you can think of. Just look at him walk.
Lucky for him she wasn't pissed, She controlled the fight the whole time and didn't really try to hurt him.

Good thing the cops showed up.
What a great example Miss I got Two fighting Bulldogs in my back pockets set for the two young children watching.:rolleyes:
Jeez, rats learn faster than this guy, huh?

Not the prettiest example, I agree, but it a hell of a lot better than the cringing housewife routine I saw growing up in my friend's houses.

You go, fat *****! :cheers:
I hated watching that. I don't get out much. I need to watch "Cops" or something though to see some real fights and see if I need to adapt any of that to class.

But what I got from this reminded me of what Mr. Speakman said one of the first times I saw him about someone being on crack or whatever and not stopping until you made them stop.

This guy would not stop. What if he had been dangerous? I mean, he was no threat to her, but what if he had been? Her only choice would have been to put him down and make him stay down.

I swear she almost did The Sleeper but I think she was "using Aikido" by which I mean that she was trying to be nice to this guy who would not quit. Had she been in danger she may have had to break something or knock the guy out to get him off of her.

That is what I learned. Sometimes you are going to have to Make them stop. They may be unable or unwilling to recognize that you are the superior combatant.

Ick. But thanks for the lesson.
hmmmm..... here is my take on it. it was amusing but in all reality... it's stuff like this that makes me sick. this is the violence we should be getting away from. not enjoy watching.

makes me wonder where the future is really going....
Just one more reason the gene pool needs to be cleansed.