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May 22, 2008
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I think your mind is made up to quit and you are wanting the members of forum to sanction or to approve it and obviously I am not doubting what you say regarding lack of sparring etc I will say there is two sides to every coin
You seem very taken to the sport side of the martial art. But I am sure other members who enjoy the sport side also enjoy the more traditional side of it.
Maybe you need to find an "elite fight school" whose focus is the sport The downside to that, is you maybe come "cannon fodder" to their elite fighters and the only thing you will learn is to take a hit. I cant advice you or sanction/approve you to quit because I have only heard one side and while i empathise with the situation/ There is only one person who can solve this and that is you


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May 25, 2008
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BC, Canada
I find that jogging does not work the same muscles at all as sparring or pattern work. We practice a lot of shuffle kicks in my white-yellow class and that seems a lot more conducive to working the muscles you use to move around in during sparring.

And just like Kacey said if you find the mouth piece and helmet constraining them try training in them more often. One of the reasons why I train in full uniform even though my school only requires a white t-shirt, pants & belt for training sessions. Then when I am do grading or formal sparring I am already used to moving and sweating in heavier gear.

As for handling losing it may be that your previous issues have rattled you and you are not keeping you mind in the present moment while sparring and this has shaken your confidence. When you compete do not be mindful of you pass losses or your future victories, only be present in what you are currently doing.