Lock Flow Drills

filipino training drill means to tie and untie. similar to push hands or chi sao. Teaches many things.

Using it with sumbrada or palisut it is very useful when added to kenpo.

Filipino arts have wonderful drills in them that help me understand kenpo a lot more. I get lost in everyone trying to sound like a student attempting to write a dissertation. FOR ME, the filipino arts bridge the gap in my undrstanding of EPAK. I love kenpo but sometimes it seems to get bogged down in technical stuff.
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You also have Sticky Hands in Tai Chi Chuan Fa, but it is called Pushing Hands. I rememer getting pushed around a lot in the mid-70's when I was learning Tae Chi (in between Tae-Kwon-Do and Kenpo.)

The same basic concepts of these drills are also taught in some of the forms and techniques of AK.

The Lock-Flow set I was introduced to was at a camp in 1982 or '83, by Gary Swan, NCKKA, and he had gotten it from Wally Jay SMALL CIRCLE JU-JITSU. It is 12 locks with attendant release moves. This was later grafted into Kenpo techniques, with contact manipulations, by Brian Duffy, AKF, and others.

It has been torn apart, analyzed, and redefined in Kenpo terms, since it is all just movement and another expression of principles, concepts, and theories. It utilizes fulcrums, levers, checking height, width, and depth, skeletal and muscular limitations, and small circles, courtesy of Wally Jay, a good friend of Mr. Parker's. His small circles fall nicely into our ECONOMY OF MOTION and OUTER RIM THEORY.

What about Manipulation Set? You remember that one Michael? Or are you teaching that at the camps now? heh, I knew I shouldn't have taught all that stuff! Levers, classes, and let's be real, the small circles are in the kenpo system you don't need Professor Wally Jay to teach it to you..... Hmmmmmm makes me wonder.........
Well have a nice day
...about most other people, but my instructor teaches us how to disarm knives, guns, etc. because...well, there're situations where we might need it, I guess, and he teaches us the lock flow drills because contact manipulation through lock flow is always a good thing to know, just in case, I think.

Oos - :asian:
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What is that set?


Just a set that uses the constituents of the fourth range. Hopefully he will expand on this- not my place to do it but did not want to leave you hanging.

I think I may have seen this and some others on the kenponet flame. There were a few I saw that I have not seen before.
Jason Farnsworth
Originally posted by jfarnsworth

I think I may have seen this and some others on the kenponet flame. There were a few I saw that I have not seen before.
Jason Farnsworth

No- manipulation set is my teachers.;)
I was mistaken when I looked at it again I noticed under the various other sets being Lock Flow, Mass Attack and another one. Sorry,
Jason Farnsworth
I just wish I had of learned Manipulation Set Todd. Was that sour grapes or a little bitterness? I still do the same old same old Lock Flow, but have added some pressure point and 2-Joint controls now, I am able to find a contact manipulation in almost any technique. I am not teaching at UKS camps, or at least not the last one (was not able to attend.)

YOU still have the distinction of systematically organizing contact manipulations, contact releases, and contact immobilizations to the entire 154 techniques as far as I have seen. Nothing out there better so far.

There is other material that borders on the manipulations we both like. I just had a great time with Howard Silva a couple of weeks ago. 72 years old and can still kick you in the head and teach a 3 hour class. But what I really liked was he inserted some nice incidental breaks, that could be manipulations, into techniques that even my white belts were comfortable with.

Ed Parker, Jr. was in San Antonio this weekend at Curtis Abernathy's school. He is doing a nice menage of things in the context of Kenpo. A lot of blending, kinesthetic joint manipulation, (hip/shoulder, ankle/elbow, etc.) Some SL4 things.

Maybe I can talk Curtis Abernathy, Jeff Schroeder and some other Kenpo instructors into getting you down here sometime. I think we are going to try and get the Golden One in next if possible. But I, having worked with you, would love to get together sometime and have you do a seminar. Not sure how you feel about "sharing" your material anymore, or what you seem to think I am teaching that is yours.

I am sure it will get cleared up "in the fullness of time" - that is if either of us cares. And I do.

Originally posted by Michael Billings

I think we are going to try and get the Golden One in next if possible

That would soooooooooo kick butt! You'd hafta come into town
earlier, so we can all go have some beers, and mexican food!

Incidentally Mr Billings, I have to say how much I enjoyed working
out with you! You're a humble man with a LOT of knowledge, and
not only an eagerness to teach it, but DAMNED GOOD AT DOING
IT!!! Thanks for your time, I enjoyed meeting you!

Jason, I didn't get to workout with ya, but it was cool to meetcha
and "choot the chit" with ya on breaks!
Mr. Billings,
Yes a little bitter, but not at you! I should not have said those things because you where one of the better people there. I just typed this big long thing on here and my cpu disconected and the whole !@#$!@#$!# thing was erased! So I will give you the end and let it be. Yes I would teach a seminar for you, I do have regrets and I know that you are teaching what you where doing before I came along. Besides, I didn't really give anyone a whole lot of info at the camps. And I didn't give it in any organized manner so that no one would figure it out until I was ready... But, Oh yeah, Mr. Parker did that too didn't he.... hehehe
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but it seems to me that SGM Parker hid a lot of stuff to allow his followers "discovery" of the hidden things. The reason I say this is that the base of the system is Logic. If you start examining things form a logical point of view, a lot of the "hidden" or "half" things seem to appear. Just my $.02, that's $.75 Canadian

Why is it that everyone seems to think that Mr. Parker hid all this stuff in the system? I challenge you to create a technique simple motion, with oh say three or four basics and steps. then analyze this technique to the point that you don't think you can find anything else and then when your to that point show it to someone else and let them analyze it and then compare notes? See what happens........ I gaurantee you that all though Mr. Parker was nothing short of genius I don't believe that he created each individual technique with every facet of every area of the Martial arts in mind..... Food for thought? This is not meant to cause a riot although I'm sure a lot of you will throw a fit, it's just meant to spark some kind of thought..... we'll see?

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