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Sep 11, 2006
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the BAM
By Albert Ichelson - 07-25-2009 06:22 PM
Originally Posted at: KenpoTalk


First I would like to appologize to Doc...I am very interested in your applications, I try to understand them and got discouraged. My life as everyones has it's ups and downs, you caught me at wierd moment in time.

I said you don't need your information, but then I leave the keyboard, and my studies I have taken on, have me applying things in a way that proves I do. without it, kenpo feels weak. structure and solidity in movement are most critical, and I need to continue to study in this manner.

So, I was studying today. I always pick something to focus on specifically, today I picked the BAM cause I really don't understand it. I feel it give me power and aid action, but I say I really don't know what it's doing...

so I started hitting myself. instead of release of tension, I feel my body prepare for the impact concluding it's purpose to be solidifying the upper platform....then I think of the obscure claws discussion specifically BAMing the shoulder landing in the twist stance...I was asking why, but I think I see now, the skip twist PAM solidifies/engages the lower platform, the BAM solidifies/engages the Upper Platform for a complete alignment and structure???

I also feel in applications like obscure claws it gives my movement more momentum by the BAM also acting as another power source by giving the arm a push, if that makes sense, a power mulitiplier?

And before that discussion I was only PAMing with the front foot, well so I thought. in basic boxing applications, front jab/rear cross combo, I pam with the jab foot, and it felt great to slam the ball of my rear foot into the ground throwing the rear cross. at first I thought, well, it feels good to me so I kept doing it, then I got that little piece of information and some understanding came.

I am being led by my teacher down this road, I have discussed these things with him, but I am asking questions here, because I study daily the things I said you don't need. this information seems to be driven by you, so in asking these questions of you, hopefully you see my appology is sincere and I do try to study this avenue of the martial arts.


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