KT:Mr. Brad Marshall kicks off Grand Opening of Moore's Martial Arts in Westport, MA

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Sep 11, 2006
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Mr. Brad Marshall kicks off Grand Opening of Moore's Martial Arts in Westport, MA
By Carol Kaur - 08-09-2009 03:45 PM
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There is another Kenpo school in New England!

KT member Mr. Michael Moore, along with his wife and adult son, have started a Parker Kenpo school in Westport, MA. To celebrate, Mr. Brad Marshall came in to do a seminar.

Mr. Moore's school is new, most of the attendees were white belts. So, what Mr. Marshall did for instruction was to go through some of the yellow belt techs, and in his words, "play with them" :EvilGrin:

We went over a handful of yellow belt techs. We went over them in more detail, we did some discussion of "why do we do X", and experimented with some different applications. One of the ways we did that was taking delayed sword, alternating maces, sword of destruction, deflecting hammer, and tried out different ways of applying the techs. One of the ways we explored was creating an extended sequence of fighting moves by stringing the techniques together. It was essentially sequencing the techs in to a form, and discussing the bunkai. Very Cool :D

I think I was the only one attending that wasn't a direct student of Mr. Marshall or Mr. Moore, regardless the Moores treated me like family. I never felt like a stranger, and greatly enjoyed meeting their students. He has two young men in his class that don't speak any English at all, they only speak an indigenous dialect. Yet they are trying very hard to learn Kenpo, even though they don't understand what Mr. Moore (or Mr. Marshall) were saying, and even though they can't verbally interact with the other students in class. It can't be easy to learn, or teach, under those circumstances, but the young fellows are really trying to learn and the Moores are really trying to teach them.

Last but not least, even though Mr. Marshal and the Moores have schools to run and bills to pay, they graciously offered the seminar at no charge. If you see Mr. Moore or Mr. Marshall around KT, give 'em an attaboy. :) They really do put their heart in to what they do.


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