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Sep 11, 2006
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Naming of Techniques
By WhiteCrane - 06-27-2009 09:44 PM
Originally Posted at: KenpoTalk


I'm not a Tracy's practioner, but I have a great appreciation for their art. As an outsider to the Tracy's system I have a question I was hoping some of you on the board might be able to answer.

Where do the names of the techniques come from? I've read conflicting reports (what would the martial arts be without them) that the Tracy brothers originally named EPK techniques then changed them when they formalized their own system. I've also hear that the techniques had no name per se, or that the names come from the traditional Kenpo that they stuided when they went to Hawaii to further their understanding. So did they name the techniques, or were the names (Chinese junk, et cetera) older terms.

I am curious as several Chinese systems and some Okinawan and Japanese systems have rather poetic names for techniques which were designed in part to help the practioner remember what the move looked like or was for (monkey steal peach, tiger turns the body, and so on).

This is a small detail which doesn't matter much in the end, but since I was curious about it I thought this would be a good avenue to persue answers.



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